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September 30, 2017

I’ve decided there's a myth out there about work/life balance for women... and even more so for working mothers, activists, and business owners. Forget it!

Moreover, if you are driven, a shark, or continually pushing for survival, you need a break. You know you need a break! But often unless a caring sister friend tugs at your hand or pushes you out the door, you just don’t do it.

Fabulous is that woman .... and for that woman.

You're working so hard paying those dues that you’re not finding the time to take care of your health, finances and adventures. Fabulous is where women come together to learn to take care of themselves while remembering how to throw back they're heads and have ‘silly fun’.

Priscilla Dames, Founder

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Deborah Grossman
& Cathy Silver

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Lynda Harris

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Diane Superville

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Our Fabulous Advisory Board Members


Yvette Colbourne

Commissioner, Miramar, FL


Paulettte Pfeiffer

Silent Victims of Crime: Founder


Ferial Youakim

ByFerial: Founder and Director


Dr. Linell King

Internist, King of Vitality


Ivan Yaeger

Inventor, Yaeger Companies


Vielka Murray

Vielka Murray International, LLC


Felecia Hatcher

Code Fever And Black Tech Week Founder

It all came together at a birthday party themed, Fabulous. It was easy flowing with a plan for women to take a break in a positive setting from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm, however, the last woman left after 9:00. The numbers grew until we decided to stop to decide where we were going with this unplanned group. It evolved into a movement; women with a common thread, to experience ‘silly fun’ with sister friends. Then, Fabulous landed on the cover of a magazine…

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